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Our return policy

If you wish to return your order to us, you can send us the product or products within a period of 14 days as of the date of reception of your order.
Only products that were previously purchased by the Customer on the Website and then delivered to the Customer may be returned to the Seller by the Customer. In order for you to be refunded, products must be returned to us in a resalable condition, in the original packaging, and accompanied by all instructions for use and accessories. Products must always still have their barcodes and original label.


Return in store

To return an item to our store in Rome, please come with your item in its original packaging and the Delivery Slip which was contained in your package. Warning: Returns made without a Delivery Slip can’t be processed.

If you have lost your Delivery Slip please contact our Customer Service for a new one.

On receipt of the goods at one of our store in Rome and after confirmation of the state of the products, we will exchange or even refund the amount charged to the account used to pay for the order.

We reserve the right to accept or reject returned products that do not meet the specified requirements or that are considered not eligible for exchange or return.


Return by shipment

To return an item, please follow this instructions:
1. Carefully pack your products in a parcel of your choice.
2. Make sure that the parcel is securely sealed using adhesive tape.
3. Take your parcel to a post office or entrust it to a parcel delivery service of your choice.

Products returned by the Customer to the Seller must be addressed to:
Fabbri Fashion
c/o Centro Commerciale "Cinecittà Due"
Viale Palmiro Togliatti, 2
00173 Rome (RM)

We remind you that Products are returned at your own cost. If you are returning items from different orders, please affix the different Delivery Slips originally supplied with these orders to the return parcel.

Be Careful: Products returned without the Delivery Slip cannot be processed. If you have lost the Delivery Slip, contact the Customer Service to obtain a new one.

On reception of the goods at our warehouse and following confirmation of the condition of the product or products, we will refund the invoiced amount to the account used to pay for the order.

We reserve the right to accept or refuse returned products which do not satisfy the requirements set out here or which are considered not to be eligible for the return service.


Damaged or faulty products

If you have to return products due to a defect or an error on our part, please contact our Customer Service department for instructions on the applicable procedure. Failure to do so means that we will be unable to refund your return delivery costs.

For further information, please consult our General Terms of Sale.